Teacher Week 2015 is Here!!

Heyyyyyyy everyone, teacher week is here and we are SO excited to connect with you all!

For years, I have loved linking up with Blog Hoppin' and reading all sorts of fun stuff about other teachers out there. It's nice to get to know one another, see where you work, and hear some of the things help get you through a tough work week.

That being said, we are back with another year - Teacher Week 2015! It starts in a couple days (Monday, August 31st) and I am here to outline how you can participate!

First off, here are the topics for the week:

and here are the individual buttons for each day explaining a little more:

This year we are making it even easier to participate! Here's what you can do:

1. Write a blog post
Each day this week a Blog Hopper will write a post sharing a little about them. At the bottom of each post you will be able to link up your blog post so we have one collective area to read all about one another!

2. Instagram
Don't have time to write a post?! Just share a picture on instagram, tag Blog Hoppin' (you can find us HERE) and use the hashtag #teacherweek15! Who doesn't love a good teacher pic!?

3. Periscope
Are you on it?! Such an easy way to share some quick facts about yourself or show off your favorite meal for the week! Just let your followers know you'll be participating so we can watch!

4. Facebook
Ok, so maybe you don't have a blog, but you have a great classroom picture you want to share or you want to let us know your favorite subject to teach and why! Head over to our facebook on the day you want to share and just leave a comment on our page!

So there you have it. 

Connect with us, celebrate with us, let us get to know you and let's all have a GREAT school year this year :)

Happy teaching!


  1. WOOOHOOO!!! I am so stinkin excited about this! I have been under the bus for the last two weeks just hanging on by a thread to the first few weeks of school and I am coming up for air and getting into a routine so I can get back to blogging! This is just the thing I needed! Thanks guys for setting this up!

  2. HELP! I've downloaded the adorable daily buttons but when I enlarge them they get really distorted. The big one is fine but the littles don't look so good. Ideas?

    1. Oh no! I just tried to do the same thing. The only advice I have is to click on the image above and it will pop up without anything else around it. Then, right-click and save to desktop. Then when you add it to your post, I would just leave it that size - it should be plenty big. So sorry about that!!

    2. YIPPEEE!!! That did the trick! Thanks so much!

  3. When will the linkup be posted for others to join? You all have chosen some very fun and relevant topics! Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Missy! Each day this week the linkup will be ready for you to join! So on Monday - the 5 facts post will be here on Blog Hoppin with the linkup at the bottom, Tuesday - the meals, Wednesday - the classroom, etc!

  4. Well, been BUSY this week...3rd full week AND Back to School Night...late to the party {it is Saturday} but I am joining today! I plan to do all the days in one blog post!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

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